Freeboss ADM-GBA10 10 Channel 48V Phantom Power Repaeat Effect USB Play & Record Bluetooth Karaoke DJ console 99DSP Mixer Audio

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Freeboss ADM-GBA10 10 Channel 48V Phantom Power Repaeat Effect USB Play & Record Bluetooth Karaoke DJ console 99DSP Mixer Audio

Key Point:
1. 10Channel input (8 Mono + 1 Stereo)
2. 3 Band Channel EQ (with MID-SWEEP Equalization)+Dual 7 Bands Graphic Equalizer
3. Dual 99 DSP Effects(24 BIT Multi-Fx processor ) with OLED screen
4. USB play, Record
5. Bluetooth function
Dual 99 DSP Efeect with OLED screen:
1. OLED Screen
2. 99 DSP Effect
1- 3 Hall 4- 6 Plat
7- 9 Bright Room 10-12 Warm Room
13-15 Club 16-18 Chamber
19-21 Church 22-24 Gate Reverb
25-27 Reserve Rev. 28-30 Slap Reverb
31-39 Mono Delay 40-48 Stereo Delay
49-57 Stereo Echo 67-69 Classical Chorus
70-72 Heavy Chorus 73-75 Classical Flanger
76-78 Heavy Flanger 79-81 Tremolo
82-84 Wah Wah 85-87 Phaser
89-94 Pitch Shifter 95 Distortion
96 Hall + Delay 97 Plate + Delay
98 Chorus + Delay 99 Chorus + Reverb
3. How to use the effect
1) Press the button to choose the effect you need.
2) Rotate the Program knob to adjust the effect and press the knob to confirm the effect.
3) Rotate the Effect Main Input Knob to adjust the effect input volume
4) Rotate the Effect Channel Input Knob to adjust channel input volume
​5) Adjust Effect Main Output Fader.
Dual 7 Bands Stereo Graphic equalizer:
Dual 7 Bands STEREO GRAPHIC EQUALIZER provides tone adjustment to the signal that is output to the MIX 0UT. Each band of 63, 160, 400, 1k, 2.5k, 6.3k and 12kHz provides a+/-12dB boost or cut.
USB Function
1). USB Menu
a. Press “Menu”
b. Press Pre/ Next and Choose what you need:
Music—Bluetooth—Record—USB —System
c. Press Pause/Play into next level menu.
2) USB –Music function
Press Menu
Please note
A. Play Mode:
Repeat All
Repeat Folder
Repeat One
B. Built-in EQ effect:

C. Effect

3) Bluetooth
a. Press”Menu”
b. Press “Pre/ Next” to find “Bluetooth”, then press “Play/Pause” to wait for pairing
c. Turn on the bluetooth function of your mobile to find “MIX-MP3 BT” and pair.
4) USB Play
a. Insert USB Stick
b. Press the button to choose USB Mode
c. Adjust Channel Fader to adjust the channel output volume
d. Adjust Main Fader to adjust the main output volume
e. Adjust Channel EQ
5) USB Stick Record
Option 1 —— Long press”Cycle” into Record Mode.
OPtion 2 —— a. Press”Cycle” into Menu
b. Press “Pre” or “Next” to find “Record” then Press
“Play/Pause” into Record Mode
+48V Phantom Power

1) Turn on the Main phantom power.

2) Turn on the channel phantom power.

Please note:
A) +48V Phantom Power is only for XLR plug ,not for 6.3 plug.
B) When you use Dynamic Microphone, please do not turn on the +48V Phantom, otherwise the dynamic microphone maybe burnt.
C) Once you turn on the +48V Phantom Power, all XLR input sockets will provide +48V phantom power.

Details For ADM-GBA10 Audio Mixer

1. Fuse holder/IEC mains receptacle
1)Power supply: AC 110V-240V 50/60Hz
2) Fuse: Blown fuses must only be replaced by fuses of the same type and rating.
3) The console is connected to the mains via the cable supplied, which meets the required safety standards. The mains connection is made via a cable with IEC mains connector. An appropriate mains cable is supplied with the equipment.
4) we supply EU Plug and US plug. If you need other plug, please tell us.
2. Grounding Mark
3. Power Switch
1) Use the POWER switch to turn on the mixing console.
2) The POWER switch should always be in the “Off” position when you are about to connect your unit to the mains.
3) To disconnect the unit from the mains, pull out the main cord plug. When installing the product, ensure that the plug is easily accessible.
4/5. Stereo Output
These line level outputs connect the main mix to the outside world. Connect them to the
balanced inputs of a power amplifier or powered speakers.
6. Group Out
7. Stereo Aux Returns Jacks
The Stereo Aux Return jack generally serve as the return for the effects mix (createdusing the
post-fader aux sends) by connecting the output of an external effects device. lf only the left jack
is connected, the Aux Return is automatically switched to mono.
8. Foot Switch Jack
A FC5 foot switch (sold separately) can be connected to this jack and used to toggle the digital
effects ON and OFF.
9/10. Stereo Aux Sends
This can be used to connect all kinds of effects from outside.
11. Monitor Out Jacks
Channel input level indicator
12. Balance input Lo-MIC/Unbalance Input Hi-Line
1) They are combination socket.
2) These are to be connected with microphone XLR Jack’s are used for the balanced signal.
3) These are to be connected with these line sources such as deck tuber turntable keyboard,etc.
13. +48V phantom power led indicator light
When you turn on the +48V phantom power, the led indicator light will be on. If you turn off the power, the light will be off.
14. Phantom +48V Switch
Channel phantom power switch.
15. Tape Input Jack (RCA)
This jack is to be connected with cassette deck when playing back
16. Line Input Jack
18. Tape Output Jack(RCA)
This jack is to be connected with cassette deck when recording the mixed output.
19. USB input switch
1) Pressed status is USB input.
2) Bounce status is Channel 9/10 input.
20. Phones Jack
Connect a pair of headphone to this TRS phone-type output jack.
21. Gain Control
Adjusts input sensitivity from -60dB to -20dB with the -20dB pad switch in the out position, and -40dB to 0dB when the -20dB pad switch is pushed.
22. Pad Switch
Cut down the signal sensitivity of each channel 20dB.
23. High
Control the high frequency tone of each channel, Always set this control to the 12 0’clock position, but you can control the high frequency tone according to the speaker, the conditions of listening position and listener’s taste,Clockwise rotation of the control increases level.
24. Frequency + Mid
This equalization has a “bell” shaped peak/dip response that cuts or boosts the higher mid frequencies by up to 15dB.the centre frequency can be swept from 240Hz to 6KHz letting you turn in to the frequency you want to adjust. Q=1.5
25. Low
Control the low frequency tone of each channel. Always set this control to the 12 o’clock position, but you can control the low frequency tone according to the speaker, the conditions of listening position and listener’s taste. Clockwise rotation of the control increase the level.
26. Aux Send
Use this control to set the level of signal from external stereo source and the main signal control is recontrolled by Stereo or Mono section.
27. Aux Pre Switch
Select whether the pre-fader or the post- fader signal is fed to the AUX buses.
28. Effect knob
Use this control when you want to get effect sound by adjustment of input signal.
When you don’t use external source, digital delay will be working which installed inside.
29. PAN
The pan control sends continuously variable amounts of the post fader signal to either the left or right main busses. In the center position equal amounts of signal are sent to the left and right busses.
30. Channel Fader
This is function to adjust the volume of signal connection into each channel and adjust the volume of output, together with master fader. Normal operation is at the “0” mark, providing 4dB of gain above that point, if required.
31. Solo Button
1) This lovable switch allows you to hear signals through your headphones or control room without having to route them to the main mix.
2) You don’t even have to have the channel’s fader turned up.
3) Folks use solo in live work to preview channels before they are let into the mix, or to just check out what a particular channel is up to anytime during a session.
3) You can solo as many channels at a time as you like.
32. Main MIX Button
1) When the button is bounce up, the signal will not be sent to STEREO MAIN L-R BUS , we can not use MAIN L-R fader to control the output.
2)When the button is pressed, the signal will be sent to STEREO MAIN L-R BUS, we can use MAIN L-R fader to control the output.
33. G1-G2 Button
1) When the button is bounce up, the signal will not be sent to the Group BUS 1-2, we can not use GROUP fader to control the output.
2) When the button is pressed, the signal will be sent to the Group BUS 1-2, we can use GROUP fader to control the output.
34. Output Main Fader (Left/Right)
This is a master fader for adjustment for volume of left /right output.
35. Main Mix Button
Pressed status, the signal will be sent to Stereo MAIN L-R BUS.
36. Group 1-2 Fader
Adjust the Group 1-2 Output Level.
37. Main MIX Switch
This switch assigns the effect signal to the Stereo L/ R bus
38. G1-G2 Button
This switch assigns the effect signal to the Group bus
39. FX Level Fader
Using by this control, you can adjust signal level of echo repeat & exterior effect

40a/40c. OLED effect display screen.

Effect 1 and Effect 2 display screen

40b/40d. Effect Choose Button

Press the button to choose the effect you need. There are 99 effects for you to choose.

41. Effects control
Adjusts the parameter ( depth, speed,etc . ) for the selected effect. The last value used with each effect type is saved
42. Effect level adjust knob
Adjust the knob to control the effect output to the Channel.
43. Effect mute .
All output from the EFFECT are enabled when the MUTE switch released and muted when the switch is down.
44. Effect added AUX output
45. Aux Send
When this button is up, Post signal work as send signal. When this button is down, post signal work as effect signal.
46. Outputs level indicator
Condition on the way of operation. therefore, you can see output condition thru this master level indication.
47. Aux return
This is used of adjusting volume of echo AUX sound. when return AUX signal to used jack.
48. Solo light
This is Solo light.
49. Power indicator
This indicator lights when the mixer’s power is ON.
50. Phone level knob
This is a single volume control sends the level to the headphones and main monitors.
51. Main level light
Main output level indicator.
52. EQ Switch
53.Phantom power switch/LED
Depressing this switch applies 48V DC across all microphone input channels connectors for remote : powering of condenser microphones.
54. Group level light
Group output level indicator.

Packing List:
1x Mixer
1x Power cable
1x User manual
1x Carton box

Additional information

Brand Name







Bundle 1



Model Number



10 Channel (8 Mono + 1 Stero)

channel EQ


Graphic equalizer

7 Band EQ


99 DSP


48V DC



USB function

USB Play, USB record


1 year

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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